Keith. (Godsgift, the King of Colorado):  is a physically intense erotic/exotic entertainer who received this undefeated title on March 12, 2010.  Most importantly, he is the Business Entrepreneur of Out Cold Entertainment, and for more than seven years, he has managed the production of our quarterly male revue events.


L-Ierene.  (Diva Key):  is the primary Managing Partner of Shades of DIVA.  She is the initial voice of OCE + SOD.  She communicates directly and indirectly to maintain a positive image and to create a strong relationship with individuals, companies, and organizations.



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Our business is very grateful.


We would like you to know that your thoughtfulness is truly making a difference; because of your generosity and support our events are a huge success, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Words alone cannot express how grateful we are, and now because of your kindness we are able to make our dream a reality. Thank you so much!

You are a generous and valued member of our community, and we plan to encourage our volunteers and supporters to regularly patronize your business.


Thank you again for helping our business reach its goals.




Out Cold Entertainment has created a full-service event management business based in Denver, Colorado.  Our team of loyal and dedicated professionals specialize in taking "female fantasy events" from concept to production ... Let us make your dreams reality!


We have worked with some of Americas greatest erotic/exotic entertainers to create amazing performance experiences in locations both small and large.

Our past stripper-talents include:


• Flexxx Dallas Body King2

• Big Stallion

• 3-K-D

• and many more


When Americas top erotic/exotic entertainers need a team of experts to create a compelling visual and audio experience in Colorado, Out Cold Entertainment is who they turn to!


Footnote: Dictionary defines erotic as “of or pertaining to sexual love or amatory;” and exotic as “of foreign origin or character.”


We are from a variety of creative and professional backgrounds.  Our collective experiences and wide variety of skills means a truly extraordinary event.  We will be directly responsible for our event’s success.  We will work with erotic/exotic entertainers through the creative process and provide on-off-site management and support.


R. T. Davis-Burns

C. Grider



1. Production

Our creative team will provide the visual, audio, and computer design expertise to put on a world-class show.


2. Entertainment

Our network of hosts, erotic/exotic entertainers, and DJs are known for keeping audiences engaged and excited.


3. Decor & Effects

Our team will choose the best decor and special effects to fully complete our theme and create a memorable experience.


4. Catering

We have partnered with locally owned caterers to make sure that the food and drink at our events are delicious and tasty.


5. Grounds & Security

Our grounds crew and security team will make sure that our audience is free from danger and/or threat.


6. Transportation

Our shuttles (ex: NC vs. the World) will make sure that our travelers safely get where they are scheduled to go with minimal fuss or disruption.



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